Time-lapse photography of clouds and other phenomena in the sky

Martin Setvak

Gallery 2007 - Kodak P880  

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All the movies of this page were captured by Kodak EasyShare P880 camera, as on the previous year. For comments on this camera see the Gallery 2006.

2007 - 01 - 11
06:34 - 07:50 UTC   (1h 16m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   250x

20070111_0634-0750utc_Libus.mpg  (8.6 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20070111_0634-0750utc_Libus.mov  (8.9 MB, 1024x640,
H.264 / QuickTime)

Sunrise at the place where I work - Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), Prague Libuš. Left: former radar tower (now empty); center: building of the satellite, radar and aerology departments; right: sensor of the lightning detection system.

2007 - 01 - 21
15:33 - 16:19 UTC   (0h 46m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   150x

20070121_1533-1619utc_Vysehrad.mpg  (8.7 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20070121_1533-1619utc_Vysehrad.mov  (7.4 MB, 1024x640, H.264 / QuickTime) 

Light showers and shallow convective clouds above the Vltava River at sunset and dusk. Captured from the fortification walls of Vyšehrad Castle, Prague, Czech Republic. Because of strong, gusty (and cold) wind it was necessary to hold the tripod most of the time. Brrrr.... 

2007 - 02 - 10
11:53-12:43 UTC and 12:58-13:35 UTC
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   250x

20070210_1153-1335utc_Kaliste-Dzbany.mpg  (9.7 MB, 1024x704, MPEG1)
20070210_1153-1335utc_Kaliste-Dzbany.mov  (8.1 MB, 1024x704, H.264 / QuickTime)

High cirrus clouds above central Bohemia. Captured from Kaliště-Džbány, distr. Benešov, Czech Republic.

2007 - 03 - 10
15:50 - 17:39 UTC   (1h 49m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   250x

20070310_1550-1739utc_Mala-Strana.mpg  (11.6 MB, 1024x704, MPEG1)
20070310_1550-1739utc_Mala-Strana.mov  (13.7 MB, 1024x704, H.264 / QuickTime)

Sunset above Prague's historic center (Malá Strana, Hradčany). Time-lapse series like this one, or those from January 11 and 21 (above), with highly variable light conditions need to be shot using automatic exposure. In all other cases, whenever possible I prefer to use manual exposure camera settings (M mode) resulting in somewhat better quality (smoother video, less "flicker").

2007 - 04 - 05
13:43 - 17:36 UTC   (3h 53m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   250x

small preview file  (2.8 MB, 320x220, QuickTime, H.264)
20070405_1343-1736utc_Libus.mpg  (21.3 MB, 1024x704, MPEG1)
20070405_1343-1736utc_Libus.avi  (23.9 MB, 1024x704, XviD AVI)

Wave clouds at middle cloud levels, altocumulus and cirrus clouds, contrails and their shadows, and eventually a sunset, all from a window of my office. Notice namely a different propagation of the cloud waves and of the clouds that compose these themselves. Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), Prague Libuš.

2007 - 05 - 14
15:25 - 15:35 UTC   (0h 10m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   200x

20070514_1525-1535utc_Vysehrad.mpg  (1.9 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20070514_1525-1535utc_Vysehrad.avi     (1.5 MB, 1024x640, XviD AVI)
20070514_1525-1535utc_Vysehrad.mov  (1.7 MB, 1024x640, H.264 / QuickTime)

First more interesting storms of this year above central Bohemia. Captured from the fortification walls of Vyšehrad Castle, Prague, Czech Republic (view to north-east). Unfortunately after 10 minutes of exposure I turned the camera a different way, where I was (wrongly) expecting more interesting storm development. You can use this case to test a compatibility of your computer with the three used compression formats.

2007 - 05 - 22
10:34 - 12:10 UTC   (1h 36m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   250x

20070522_1034-1210utc_Libus.mpg  (9.5 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20070522_1034-1210utc_Libus.avi  (10.4 MB, 1024x640, XviD AVI)

Thunderstorms above Prague. Captured from CHMI, Prague-Libuš.

2007 - 06 - 28
18:28 - 19:50 UTC   (1h 22m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   200x

20070628_1828-1950utc_Kacerov.mpg  (10.7 MB, 1024x736, MPEG1)
20070628_1828-1950utc_Kacerov.mov  (9.7 MB, 1024x736, H.264 / QuickTime)

Late afternoon rainbow and moonrise above Kačerov (Prague, Czech Republic). Note that also the rainbow moves across the sky, just like the Sun on the opposite part of heaven.

2007 - 07 - 27
10:46 - 11:52 UTC   (1h 06m)
interval: 10 seconds
speed:   250x

20070727_1046-1152utc_Lomnicke-sedlo.mpg  (6.9 MB, 1024x768, MPEG1)
20070727_1046-1152utc_Lomnicke-sedlo.avi  (7.7 MB, 1024x768, XviD AVI)

Wave clouds and wind shear above High Tatra Mts. The lowest clouds (Cu) are flowing from the North (from right to the left in these images), while middle-level clouds (Ac) are flowing from the West, to the observation site. The fuzzy-looking clouds are a manifestation of waves in the wind flowing across a mountain range. Captured from Lomnické sedlo above Malá studená dolina, High Tatra Mts., Slovakia.

2007 - 08 - 16
04:38 - 06:08 UTC   (1h 30m)
interval: 10
speed:   200x

20070816_0438-0608utc_Rauris.mpg  (11.7 MB, 1024x768, MPEG1)
20070816_0438-0608utc_Rauris.mov  (12.0 MB, 1024x768, H.264 / QuickTime) 

Wave clouds and sunrise above Rauris Valley (Raurisertal) in Hohe Tauern National Park, Alps. Captured from Rauris, Salzburgerland, Austria.

2007 - 10 - 14
04:53 - 06:04 UTC  (1h 11m)
interval: 10
speed:   250x

20071014_0453-0604utc_Decin.mpg  (7.7 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20071014_0453-0604utc_Decin.avi  (7.7 MB, 1024x640, XviD AVI)

Sunrise above fog-covered Labe (Elbe) Valley and Děčín. Captured from Děčínský Sněžník (723 m), NW Bohemia, Czech Republic.

2007 - 10 - 29
11:40 - 14:39 UTC  (2h 59m)
interval: 10
speed:   300x

20071029_1140-1439utc_Libus.mpg  (17.2 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20071029_1140-1439utc_Libus.mov  (17.0 MB, 1024x640, H.264 / QuickTime) 

Halo phenomena (sundog, 22° halo, and part of parhelic circle) on cirrus clouds approaching from the northwest. Fall view from my office window at Prague-Libuš, Czech Republic ... 

2007 - 11 - 01
05:15 - 07:01 UTC  (1h 46m)
interval: 10
speed:   200x

20071101_0515-0701utc_Letna.mpg  (13.2 MB, 1024x640, MPEG1)
20071101_0515-0701utc_Letna.mov  (11.6 MB, 1024x640, H.264 / QuickTime) 

Prague at sunrise. While on the horizon the morning fog covers south parts of Prague, here in the center of the town only small clouds form above Vltava River. Captured from Letná, Prague, Czech Republic, view to the south.

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