Time-lapse photography of clouds and other phenomena in the sky

Martin Setvak

Gallery 2019 - Samsung NX500 and Ricoh GXR A16 (24-85mm)

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My recent timelapsing gear consists of two APS-C cameras: Samsung NX500 (with Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS and Samyang 8mm F2.8 UMC Fisheye II lenses) and Ricoh GXR camera with its A16 (24-85mm) zoom unit. Comments on why I use these cameras can be found in the Introduction to time-lapse photography page, and my typical settings and additional comments on timelapsing with Ricoh cameras are here. Notes on timelapsing with the Samsung NX500 can be found here.   All the times below are given in UTC (GMT).

Sources of satellite and other meteorological data used below: CHMIEUMETSAT  and  NOAA CLASS.

2019-06-16   06:33 - 07:07 UTC  (0h 34m)
Samsung NX 500 & Samyang 8mm F2.8 UMC Fisheye II,  interval 4 seconds, speed 120x

20190616_0633-0707utc_Asperitas_Kacerov_1920x1080.mp4  (42 MB),

Asperitas, which formed at bottom layers of stratocumulus clouds at about 1.6 - 2 km above ground (see the ceilometer record from Observatory Praha-Libuš, black rectangle marks the time period of the timelapse), after passage of morning showers and weak thunderstorms (radar loop). The turbulent wave motions at the cloud base are most likely a result of very strong wind-shear at these levels (see the soundings wind profile from 06 UTC from Praha-Libuš), which can be nicely seen also in this webcam loop taken from observatory Praha-Libuš (northward view, the red dot indicates the capture time of the timelapse). The timelapse itself was captured from Kačerov, Praha, Czech Republic (southward view, with the observatory Praha-Libuš being located on the horizon, just left of the scene center).


More on Asperitas clouds:  WMO International Cloud Atlas, UK Met Office, and paper by Walter A. Lyons.

2019-06-21   20:32 - 20:55 UTC  (0h 23m)
Samsung NX 500 & Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS,  interval 3 seconds, speed 90x

20190621_2032-2055utc_NLC_Praha-Vysehrad_1920x1080.mp4  (38 MB),  

NLC (noctilucent clouds) above Prague.  Very bright and extensive evening noctilucent clouds, observed from many regions over Europe. Captured from a viewpoint near metro station Vyšehrad, Praha, Czech Republic (northward view).


My older NLC cases can be found here:   
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